COVID protocols 10/8/21

Dear Members and Friends, 

For the last year and a half our life together as a church community has been interrupted and curtailed. In an effort to make gathering together in the sanctuary possible, comfortable and worshipful, the Cabinet appointed Rebecca Pugh, Chris Dorman, Amy Pidgeon and Lynn Lenhart to a Covid Steering Committee. This group met recently to discuss how best to keep First Church and the people who come to worship and use our building worship safe.

Following UCC guidelines, the latest research and CDC best practices, we have developed the following plan: 

Indoor services will resume on Sunday, October 24, 2021 

• Masks will be required at all times while in the building.
• Services will be abbreviated.
• We request that you maintain safe distancing.
• All worship leaders, liturgists and choir members will have shown proof of vaccination.
• Until much colder weather arrives, windows will be open for air circulation. Please dress accordingly.

Choir Protocols: The Choir will sing in the Choir loft, spaced for safety, wearing masks designed for singing. They will remain at least 10 feet from the congregation. 

Children’s Choir Protocols: The Children’s Choir will practice outdoors, and when they are ready to come in, we will invite friends to help sew small masks designed for singing for them. 

Communion: How and when to safely serve Communion during indoor worship will be determined by the Deacons in consultation with Rebecca Pugh. 

Programs for Children and Youth: The programs will be hybrid: When possible programs will be outdoors, weather permitting. Masks will be required if meeting indoors for children over the age of two. Childcare will be provided inside the building. 

As we continue with changes related to Covid, we would like to hear your thoughts. Please email any member of the committee or the church office with any questions or concerns. 

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