Middle and High School Youth Group is a dynamic ministry here at First Church. Programs include a monthly Zoom Bible fellowship and monthly social-distant activity. Our fellowship time is filled with conversations around the intersection between faith and justice, understanding how systemic evil such as racism, sexism, and poverty do not fit the vision of God’s Kingdom. We also focus on individual and communal spiritual formation, grounded in scripture as our guide towards a liberated world.

First Church Middle and High School Youth Group

For all inquiries, please email youth pastor intern Nathan Samayo, nathansamayo (at)

for grades 8-12
Friday-Sunday, June 11-13, 2021 

Community Service Camp and Faith in Action Think Tank
in Solidarity with the American Indian Movement

At: First Church in Ipswich in the Garth, at the river, at a prison, in Boston

The cost of the retreat is $25, to cover food, art supplies, and additional materials. Please let us know if you need a scholarship.

We retreat to do anti-racism work following the plea of the American Indian Movement for help with the unjust imprisonment of Leonard Peltier, as well as the chance to work locally to alleviate hunger, with the building and stocking of micro-pantries.

We will create a canoe and kayak trip, build micropantries, play music, play games, lead church, and head towards the city of Boston to visit the outside of a prison and then to do our traditional afternoon in a glorious city: in Boston.

Members of the American Indian Movement at the same time are riding horseback from the Dakotas to Washington DC to bring a petition to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, pleading for the compassionate release of Leonard Peltier, American Indian unjustly imprisoned since 1977 following a shoot-out on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. We will create a 3-minute video to be added to Leonard’s freedom message on Twitter and YouTube. They have asked us to add diversity to their voices.

And: the plight of our neighbors who do not have food security is ever in the minds of our church elders, and they have asked us to triple our presence in town with the providing of emergency food provisions for people who are hungry. In the wood shop of Bob O’Connell, some of us will build two micropantries, others of us will take the opportunity to go grocery shopping to stock them, and still others will work on advocacy at church.

Check out the full schedule. Contact the church office to register.

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