Elementary, Middle and High School Youth Groups are dynamic ministries here at First Church. Our fellowship time is filled with prayer, games, action, and conversations around the intersection between faith and justice. We also focus on individual and communal spiritual formation, grounded in scripture as our guide towards a liberated world.

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For the BYKOTAs, 5th-8th grade: Sit in the front of the sanctuary with your friends, and we will listen and worship in church, then depart for Coffee Hour, and then Bible study with Amanda and Lynn in the garth.

BYKOTA Youth Group, 6th-8th grade: Join us Sundays 11:30- 1pm to play, cook, pray, learn music, engage in faith formation, and have fun with Beth, Stacey, and Rev. Rebecca.

High School Youth Group, 8th-12th grade: Our Youth Deacons return from their prayer walk with the American Indian Movement in early September, and our meet mid-September to plan community service, advocacy, prayer, meditation, and spiritual formation. If you want to get involved, reach out to the church office.

Through these religious education offerings, we strive to meet these goals:

  • Safe and sacred space to honor each person’s age/developmental level
  • Welcome for children/youth wherever they may be on their own faith journeys
  • Study of Scripture with honest dialogue about authority, beauty, faith, humanity, and power in it
  • Music, sports, dance and drama to empower us as we develop spiritual/religious practices
  • Confirmation retreats
  • Special church holidays including St. Francis Day, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost
  • Invite parents, Godparents, relatives, and friends on a monthly basis to team-teach with thechurch faculty
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