The First Church community welcomes all people who seek recovery–recovery from illness, recovery from addiction, and as our Statement of faith says, recovery from aimlessness and sin.

If you are sick with a physical malady, and need prayer or groceries or the Sacraments, please contact us and we will be glad to join you.

If you are sick with a spiritual malady, First Church is an excellent place to improve your conscious contact with God, and a wonderful place to practice prayer and meditation.

Should you wish for Baptism, as a chance to begin again in the footsteps of the One who emptied himself of all power and control, in order to be filled, only with God’s goodness and love, as Paul writes in the Book of Philippians, the First Church ministers and Deacons are well equipped to offer you this sacrament, quietly or noisily, as you prefer.

Should you wish for Communion, as a chance to seek forgiveness and reconciliation with an enemy or the world, or as a chance to face the end of life with gratitude, we would be honored to minister to you.

The First Church community believes, together with the Christ revealed to us in Scripture and experience, that no person is beyond redemption, and that no sin is so great that one would be separated from the love of God revealed to us in Christ Jesus.

Further, First Church is host to three AA groups as part of its community outreach, and they are free and open to anyone who wishes to begin on a path of recovery from addiction.

Wednesday Night “Always a Beginner” 6:15 pm, beginners AA group featuring a story, discussion, and reading of promises; all addicts welcome

Friday Morning “Step Forward” 9:00 am, women’s AA step meeting

Saturday Morning “Reconciliation” 10:30 am, AA speaker and discussion meeting; all addicts welcome

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