Officers of the Church (2021)

  •     Moderator – Lynn Lenhart
  •     Church Clerk – vacant
  •     Treasurer – Jim Moon
  •     Financial Secretary – Linda Riley
  •     Auditor – William Craft


The Board of Trustees oversees the legal, financial, property, and personnel issues of the church. 2021 chair: Malcolm Green

The Diaconate attends, with the Minister, to the spiritual needs of the Church and community. 2021 chair: Liz Krafchuk

The Board of Finance. 2021 chair: Amy DeSilva Pigeon

The Music Committee is responsible for the church choirs, promotes musical activities within the church, and recommends candidates for the position of choir director and organist. 2021 chair: Ernie Pigeon

The Board of Education. 2021 chair: Stacey Keane Blagg

The Committee on World Ministries. (formerly Missions) educates the members on the Home and World Ministries of the United Church of Christ and the wider Christian community, and makes recommendations for donations. 2021 chair: Jennifer O’Connell

The Altar Committee is responsible for the altar’s sacred articles and flower arrangements. 2021 chair: Margaret Newsome

The Historical Committee collects and preserves articles connected with the Church’s history and fosters an interest in it. 2021 chair: Diane Young

The Memorials Committee accepts and recommends the disposition of all memorial gifts to the church. 2021 chair: Mike Eldredge

The Communications and Media Committee assists with communication to the members and the church’s website. 2021 chair: Diane Young

The Scholarship Committee. 2021 chair: Jan Colter

Call the church office if you would like to get in touch with any of the officers or chairs.

2020 Annual Report First Church Ipswich, January 28, 2021

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