All are welcome at our church school program.

The plan for Sunday services moving forward: Services will continue to be intergenerational and on the shorter side. After the service, we will have focused children and youth activities (parents are welcome also) following the service (10:45-11:15/30, depending on the activity). The programs will happen outside or masked in the meetinghouse.

Prayers‘ Exploring age-old traditional prayers together is our plan for the Fall curriculum. September: The Lord’s Prayer
October: The Prayer of St. Frances
November: The 23rd Psalm
December: The Prayer of Mary

We will practice these prayers, sing them, contemplate with them, and also create our own prayers through art, music, and actions with social and eco-justice project possibilities.

Communication: Our Education newsletter will be in the weekly First Church newsletter, under the ‘children and youth’. Please let us know if you would like to be added to the list.

The Safe Church Policy: All children are protected at First Church by our Safe Church Policy. Children and families are invited to sign in at the start of church. All of our teachers and staff are screened for safety backgrounds, and are trained in the Safe Church principles of the United Church of Christ.

Our Whole Lives (OWL): First Church occasionally offers this comprehensive sexuality education program for high school students.

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