Re-connect thru a “Circle of Six”

Circle of Six

Are you missing your church community? Try a one-time “Circle of Six.” These randomly scheduled, ever-changing groups allow us to connect with each other informally and in person, while COVID constraints are still in place. Call or email Diane Young (978-356-2938, to find out the dates of upcoming Circles of Six and to sign up.

Who should take part? Anyone who likes people! Whether you’re old or young, busy or bored, newcomer or longtime member. Or anything in between.

What’s the commitment? One hour, once. But you’re welcome to sign up again and again.

What happens in a Circle of Six? Think of it as church service and coffee hour combined, but very casual and fluid. Diane Young, a First Church member, will guide it. We’ll spend some time introducing ourselves or catching up on each other’s lives, we’ll talk about a Bible passage, we’ll say our prayers together, maybe we’ll socialize some more. And we’ll end with a blessing.

When do the Circles take place? Diane picks a day and time a couple of weeks out–whatever fits her own schedule! If you have particular needs about day of the week or time of day, let Diane know–she’ll schedule one that works for you.

Who else will be in the group? Each week’s Circle of Six will be a different group of five to six people. You may see an old friend, or make a new one!

Where do we meet? In the garth/courtyard in the center of the church building. It a lovely and peaceful spot, open to the sky, with trees and birdsong.

What should I bring? Your own drink, if you’d like. Maybe a hat. Goodies and chairs are provided.

Why are we doing this now? Because some of us miss each other terribly! It seems like a safe and easy way to spend time with each other again.

What about COVID safety? Gatherings are held outdoors. We’ll social distance/wear masks according to the needs of the group.

What if it rains? Depending on the vaccination status of the six people, we’ll meet in the church parlor or under the Public Library’s tent.

How long will Circles of Six be offered for? Diane will offer these groups as long as there’s interest, until indoor church and coffee hour resume.

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