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Irons Homestead June 24-29, 2018 Info flyer


JUNE 24-29, 2018


For High School Youth

 Join us for 5 days of community service work with organizations serving homeless families and refugees. We will work on a farm that grows food for hungry families, volunteer in a food pantry and a shelter sorting clothing, organizing food, preparing meals and offering child care for homeless children and we will support international refugees and ESL learners. Join us in forming new friendships as we work and play together staying at UCC’s Irons Homestead, just outside of Providence. Join us in reflecting on our adventures and returning to First Church on Sunday to teach the congregation what we have learned in service to others.


We will join with Dorcas International, which works with refugees and ESL learners, The Providence Rescue Mission, which organizes clothing, food, and shelter for homeless families, McAuley Ministries, which provides daytime meals and childcare for families in transition, Franklin Farm, which grows local food for hungry families, and PICA, which has a food pantry and soup kitchen in the heart of Providence.


Our home will be at the Irons Homestead, in Glocester Rhode Island, which has bunks, bedrooms and a fully-equipped kitchen, a swimming pool and labyrinth, hiking trails and a worship space. We will prepare our own food, bring our own bedding, and enjoy their beautiful facility.

688 Snake Hill Road
Glocester, RI 02857
401-710-9478 office
401-441-7681 cell


Our work camp will be led by Rebecca Pugh (, BethViehmann             (, Dennis Quinn, as well as Rev. Jennifer Geary, from the Irons Homestead.

We will need one more adult who can help us with the cooking!


We will bring our own food and prepare it together. Our menu and each student’s food contributions will be decided at our upcoming planning meeting.

Community Service Hours:

This trip includes 60 community service hours, between volunteering with homeless families, teaching English, and farming, and preparing meals for the volunteers who come with us to Rhode Island.

How much does it cost?

The contribution to the costs for the week will be $250. You may also wish to bring a little pocket money for the ride home.  Scholarships are available and can be obtained through contacting Carmen at the church office: (978) 356-2211.


Sunday June 24 (Depart for Providence)

Meet at the church at 10:00 am for commissioning and worship, loading cars and trucks and         departing.  Arrive in time for a swim, supper, unpacking, orientation, settling in, and possibly a local concert.

Monday June 25

Meet with formerly homeless people to learn about their lives in the morning, volunteer work in the soup kitchen in the afternoon, produce picking in the evening.

 Tuesday June 26

Volunteer work with the Providence Rescue Mission and Food Bank; evening fun night, with campfire, telescope, and games.

Wednesday June 27

Volunteer work with the Providence Rescue Mission and Food Bank; evening workshop reflecting on race, identity, and privilege.

 Thursday June 28

Work with refugees, English language learners, and soup kitchen.

 Friday June 29

Prepare and serve a meal at homeless shelter, plan worship for Sunday, closing circle, drive home.

 Sunday July 1 (Youth Sunday)

          We re-group at worship at First Church in Ipswich, telling sermons and    stories and offering prayers and songs from our adventure and week of ministry.

 Who can go?

Youth who have finished grade 8 by the end of June, through high school, are welcome to apply to participate.   The cars and trucks can seat 10 youth, chaperones, and luggage.


First Church Unplugged:

We don’t bring cell phones on youth retreats and service trips, except for the chaperones’   phones for emergencies. We know that this is unusual for young people in our culture, and     yet we have found that it frees people to live in the moment, make friends in unexpected   places face to face, and fully participate in the community. Plenty of pictures will be taken     by         chaperones.

 What is Youth Sunday?

Youth Sunday is a day in which all youth who traveled in service have the chance to tell     stories, share experiences, and reflect theologically with the congregation of the First     Church in Ipswich. It is a required part of the week’s experience, and has tended to be a highlight of the year for the congregation, to learn about the wisdom and insights of youth           who have ventured afar in the name of the church. Youth Sunday this year is July 2, 10 am,  at First Church in Ipswich.


This retreat is the final event after the year long confirmation program, and every confirmation class member is expected as a participant of the week-long community service retreat.



 Theological Framework:

Just as Naomi and Ruth sheltered each other when famine wiped out their clans and left    them bereft, even though they were of different tribes, so will we seek to offer comfort and shelter to some of the city’s most devastated citizens, in the name of the One who sought a     preferential option for the poor and the outcasts, and found that they had some of the       greatest insights of all.


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