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Watercolor classes
with K.T. Morse
Join this popular class for its second Six week session
February 21 – March 21
Tuesdays 9:30 am to 12 noon
$175At the Meeting House
Contact:  Katie Morse.  ktmorse@yahoo.com
Work for Peace and Justice and Healing
in the World
Address homelessness.
Several homeless families will be in Ipswich the week of April 16 and May 21, staying at the First Presbyterian Church.  Helpers and volunteers are welcome as we work with Family Promise to provide meals, fellowship, and tutoring. To sign up, email Kalapi Johnson kalapijohnson@gmail.comAddiction Recovery in Ipswich:
Are you an addict? Ipswich has adopted a Gloucester-style addiction and recovery program, based on the framework that addicts can ask police for help, rather than arrest, and find funding and support to get to treatment. The Ipswich police are standing by, along with 15 volunteer angels who serve as allies to the addict seeking recovery, to locate and transport to residential treatment. Funds are available, through the PAARI, for treatment, in the event that the individual doesn’t have health insurance. At the moment, three addicts have been assisted into treatment this year. Please come to the Ipswich police station, or call Rev. Rebecca, and we will help you get to recovery, even if you don’t have any money.Refugee and Immigrant Resettlement and Hospitality:
Do you have a heart for refugees? We need your help with administration, social media, fundraising, and friendship for newly immigrated families. Last month we welcomed our new refugee family to Ipswich, and these Middle Eastern neighbors to First Church are among the friendliest travelers you will ever meet.  Interested to get involved? Let Rebecca, Ann Shannon, Lynn Lenhart, or Anne Brown know if you want to get involved.Collect material goods and gifts for Haiti:
Partners in Development is collecting soap, wash cloths, tooth paste, and tooth brushes for Haitian relief as they seek to prevent the spread of cholera. We have just sent our fifth shipment with them to Haiti, and we are preparing our sixth.
All donations welcome.

is now on our website:
Check it out!

Support First Church

with Your Pledge

We are grateful to the pledges which help the church keep the lights on and the water running. Would you like to join the team? We are collecting the last few pledge cards for the life of the church in the coming year, and cards are available in the pew pockets, or you are welcome to pledge on line.
and in Your Will

Leave a legacy that lasts, for the congregation of First Church and its outreach to the world, with a simple note in your will to leave the Church a percentage of your savings when you no longer need them. For more information, speak with the Finance Committee.

and in Your Affinity
Many members of the church who bank with TD Bank have called them to ask for a First Church link, which means that TD, as part of their charity work, gives First Church a grant once each year. This year we received $150 from TD Bank. This money comes from the bank itself, not from your account, and your account is secure. Our affinity code is AG 701.

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