Rev. Dr. Rebecca, Clergy. Rebecca came to first Church Ipswich in 2000, with degrees in political science, theology, and education. she is particularly interested in cross-cultural peace movements, and in the spiritual wisdom that comes from prayer and meditation. A fun fact about Rebecca is that she is learning how to tell birds by their songs.

Jim, Project Manager. Jim came to First Church Ipswich in 2008. A fun fact about Jim is that he teaches ballroom dancing, and one of his students once said, “Jim is a fun dance teacher, and now that I know how to dance, I can dance around all of the questions that he asks me at work.”

Carmen Fatu, Administrative Assistant. Carmen came to First Church Ipswich in 2017; originally from Romania, she is a wizard in managing details, budgets, and emergencies. A fun fact about Carmen is that she loves all the people at First Church, even though they have funny accents.

Joanne, Minister of Music.Joanne came to First Church in Ipswich in 1967, and has been a music teacher and leader, bringing excellence to Ipswich schools, private students, and First Church music ministries. A fun fact about Joanne is that she can make beautiful things out of flowers.

Alex, Children’s Music. Alex has been coordinating children’s music at First Church since 2016. A fun fact about Alex is that she likes to get up early and hike in the sand dunes in Ipswich at sunrise.

 Lynn, Youth Coordinator. Lynn has been leading teams at First Church Ipswich since 2013. A fun fact about Lynn is that she loves walking her dog and hiking, especially the Grand Canyon, rim to rim.
Tom, Resident Theologian.
Tom has been at First Church in Ipswich, offering sermons, classes, and trips to the Outdoor Church, since 2013. Ordained in 2005, Tom came to Ipswich after serving churches in New York and Maryland. Fun facts about Tom are that he played collegiate basketball, and collects model trains.

Hind, nursery care. Hind has been the director of infant and toddler ministries at First Church since 2017. A fun fact about Hind is that she is a crackerjack quilter and sewer, and she loves to play her own homespun game of boxes with children, and separate out all the colors. 

Farah, Housekeeper. Farah has been the First Church housekeeper since 2016. She loves animals of all kinds, and one of her favorite things in Ipswich is to visit the seagulls, ducks, hawks, eagles, and pigeons at the river, and see what they are up to.

Warren, Sexton. Warren has been the sexton at First Church Ipswich since 2015. He sings baritone in the church choir, which is a choir of funny men, all of them.