The church has both salaried and voluntary staff as well as elected and appointed officers. Its extended lay leadership provides service through the following committees:

  • Cabinet
  • Diaconate
  • Board of Education
  • Board of Trustees
  • Board of Finance
  • Altar Committee
  • Committee on World Ministries
  • Communications and Media Committee
  • Greeters
  • Historical Committee
  • Hospitality Committee
  • Memorials Committee
  • Music Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Pastoral Relations Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Ushers
  • UCC Conference Delegates

2020 Annual Report First Church Ipswich, January 28, 2021

The Cabinet supervises all boards and committees and all matters pertaining to the welfare of the Church. The Cabinet seeks to further the growth, efficiency, and usefulness of the church.

The Nominating Committee presents, at the Annual Meeting, a slate of nominations for the elected officers of the Church whose terms are expiring and for any existing vacancies.

The Pastoral Relations Committee is the link between the Minister and the congregation. It performs the salary review of the Minister. It addresses issues of mutual concern in this area.

The Music Committee is responsible for:

  • The church choirs
  • Recommendations for candidates for the position choir director(s) and organist(s).
  • The promotion of musical activities within the church.

The Committee on World Ministries. (a.k.a. The Missions Committee) educates the members of the Church on the subject of the Home and World Ministries of the United Church of Christ and the wider Christian community.  It makes recommendations regarding the donations made by the Church to these Home and World Ministries.

The Altar Committee is responsible for:

  • The maintenance and upkeep of the altar sacred articles.
  • The altar flower arrangements

The Historical Committee works:

  • To foster an intelligent interest in the history of this Church.
  • To collect and preserve articles connected with its history.

The Memorials Committee. It is the duty of this committee, in conjunction with the Trustees, to accept, acknowledge, and recommend the care of and/or disposition of all memorials gifts to the church, and monies earned therefrom, in accordance with the wishers of the donor.

The UshersThe two Ushers are considered as a two person committee.  They supervise all the ushering activities in the Church. They have the authority to appoint other ushers.

The Communications and Media Committee. This committee promotes the church and its activities. This committee is responsible for

Officers of the Church

  •     The Moderator
  •     The Church Clerk
  •     The Treasurer
  •     The Financial Secretary
  •     The Auditors

The Moderator. Sees that, the by-laws, and other official instructions are followed. Actively participates in the life and mission of the church. Ensures that conflicts within the church are resolved.

The Church Clerk keeps records of:

  • The proceedings of the Church.
  • The membership records (The Church Roll) with addresses of the members of the Church,
  • Baptisms, marriages, and deaths.
  • Events of special interest to the Church.  The clerk compiles the church annual report.

The Treasurer. The Treasurer has custody of all the funds of the Church, deposits funds in such bank or trust company as may be approved by the Trustees, and withdraws funds only as herein provided.
The Financial Secretary. Receives all church income. Deposits all monies received in the appropriate bank account(s), getting receipts for same. Takes charge of all offerings and special collections.
The Auditors. Audit and approve the Church’s financial statements. This includes the Treasurer’s financial statements plus other financial accounts as instructed by The Cabinet. Their findings are reported to the church at the Annual Meeting.

If you are interested in knowing more about a specific committee or would like to participate on a committee please contact our office.