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Coffee House Schedule

Please join us Saturday evenings at 7:00 PM at the Meetinghouse, 12 Meetinghouse Green.

Cost: $10 – Refreshments available

Tickets available at

For more information, please call:  978-356-7653 or 978-465-0491

Here is  our schedule : 2018 Year Events Color

First Church celebrates God’s goodness and wonder through music and arts.


First Church Chancel Choir: Sings every Sunday in worship, rehearses Thursdays at 7pm. Conducted by Joanne McMahon.

First Church Children’s Bell Choir: Plays the First Sunday of the month in worship, rehearses after church. Conducted by Emily Allman

First Church Children’s orchestra, plays once a season, rehearses after church. Conducted by Lucas Callahan

First Church Chamber Orchestra, plays once a season, conducted by Joanne McMahon