First Church offers church school for children of all ages. Our littlest children are welcome in the nursery, where they are lovingly cared for by Bella Palance. Grades pre K through 1, 2-3, 4-5, and 6-12 each have their own fellowship and curriculum. This year we study the Sparks Curriculum, a story-based lectionary study which is integrated with the “big church worship” thematically, so that all ages at First Church are tackling the same topics. Our Sunday school is progressive politically, devoted spiritually, and inclusive. Newcomers are always welcome.

Nursery: For children ages 1-5, beginning at 10:15 after the children’s sermon we gather together for play and fun. Our teacher is Bella Palance. We will remain in our same traditional room, with the extra benefit of lots of Birth to Three toys.

Pre-K-1st grade:  For children ages- 5 (enrolled in last year of Pre-School) through 1st grade.    The class is taught by Barbara Mahoney.  We have our same room, shared with Small World Pre-School.  We will welcome one more teacher as well.

 2nd-3rd grade: In this class we get to dig in with the curriculum and really learn Bible stories and practice the lessons of the faith. Our room is in the newly renovated Birth to Three wing, opposite the room where we were last year. Our teachers are Peg Coughlan and Judy Eldredge.

4th-5th grade:  This is our class for synthesis of Bible stories and life practice. Our classroom is in the middle of the Sunday School. Our teacher is Cynthia Curtis, and we will welcome one more teacher into this group.

Teenage Sunday Program (6-12 grade):  The Teenage Sunday program is a study of the weekly Scripture and life lessons, with occasional adventures and community service mornings, in the footsteps of the One who led and healed and fed the hungry. Our new classroom is in the corner of the Sunday School. We have created a comfortable living room environment, with our rocking chairs and our own handmade furniture. Our teachers are Pat K and Jim Mahoney.

Pick Up: Parents of students in the Nursery and Pre-K-1st Grade rooms are asked to return to their children’s classrooms after worship every Sunday to pick up their children.  Older children may head up to coffee hour on their own.  Once Sunday school is finished, we ask that all children remain upstairs under the supervision of their parents.

Registration:  After the first day of lessons, we ask all parents to come to the Sunday school classrooms after worship so they can fill out registration forms.

Sunday School Schedule


Curriculum Lesson
9/11/2016 Lectionary-Fall C The Lost Sheep ad Lost Coin; Luke 15:1-10
9/18/2016 Lectionary-Fall C Two Masters; Luke 16:1-13
9/25/2016 Lectionary-Fall C The Parable of the Rich Man; Luke 16:19-31
10/2/2016 Children’s Sunday  Children stay upstairs during worship
10/9/2016 Lectionary-Fall C Ten Men Healed, Luke 17:11-19
10/16/2016 Lectionary-Fall C Jacob Wrestles; Genesis 32:22-31
10/23/2016 Lectionary-Fall C The Pharisee and the Tax Collector; Luke 18:9-14
10/30/2016 Lectionary-Fall C Zacchaeus; Luke 19:1-10
11/6/2016 Children’s Sunday Children stay upstairs during worship
11/13/2016 Lectionary-Fall C God’s Love is Forever; Luke 21:5-19
11/20/2016 Lectionary-Fall C The Day Jesus Died; Luke 23:33-43
11/27/2016 Lectionary-Winter A God Will Bring Peace; Isaiah 2:1-5
12/4/2016 Children’s Sunday Children stay upstairs during worship
12/11/2016 Lectionary-Winter A God’s Peaceful World; Isaiah, 11: 1-10.
12/18/2016 Lectionary-Winter A Angels Visit; Matthew 1:18-25
12/27/2016 Christmas Break children stay upstairs during worship