Work for Peace and Justice in the World

Welcome Refugees.  We organize housing, spiritual support, food, schooling, English language classes, health care, post traumatic stress and medical support for a growing community of families here in Ipswich. We welcome your volunteering, friendship, and other gifts.

Address homelessness.  We work with the local organization “Family Promise”, which supports local homeless families as they transition out of homelessness. Four times a year, a network of families will come to Ipswich to stay in the Presbyterian Church while we assist their search for jobs and housing. We provide the meals and moral support. Please speak with Rebecca or Kalapi Johnson if you would like to get involved.

Addiction Recovery in Ipswich: Are you an addict? Do you have a family member or neighbor who has asked you for help? Do you have good energy to help someone in early recovery? We work in partnership with the Angel Project at the Ipswich and Gloucester police, and if you need help getting to treatment, please ask us. We are glad to be a part of your new life. And if you would like to volunteer companionship, support, and kindness, we welcome your presence as an ally.

Veggie Table: A number of church members and friends join together every Sunday to cook and share supper, in the spirit of helping to support the planet as it needs a community of nonviolent practitioners, sustainably eating plants and helping others to celebrate the beautiful diversity of the earth’s creatures.
Prisoner Support  : A team of church members regularly write letters to prisoners, pray for their release, and look at the prison system as an institution Christ called us to disrupt. Further, are helping a prisoner at the Concord Prison to attain his college degree, and we welcome additional volunteers.