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Discipleship – May 19, 2019 – led by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Pugh


1.The story of Julian comes from RJ Palaccio’s Auggie and Me – Three Wonder Stories, Alfred Knopf, 2015.

2.”Love will guide us”comes from Sally Rogers’s Album ‘Love Will Guide Us’- Thrushwood Press Publishing, 1985.



Hospitality – May 12, 2019 – led by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Pugh


1. Egg and Spoon by Gregory MaGuire was published by Candlewick Press in 2014.

2. The Road to Emmaus comes from Luke 24: 13-35, and in it, Dr. Luke describes a mystical encounter on the 7 mile road between Jerusalem and Emmaus.
3. Henri Nouwen described hospitality as “that virtue which allows us to break through the narrowness of our fears and open our home to the stranger, with the understanding that salvation comes to us in the form of a tired traveller.” Quoted in The Queer Bible Commentary, SCM Press, 2006, Rev. Robert Goss, editor.
4. “Come unto me” is my own translation of Matthew’s wisdom statement, set to music by G.F. Handel in his Messiah.


Trust — a message for First Church in Ipswich, May 5, 2019
1. John Dominic Crossan and Sarah Crossan: the Sea of Tiberias, a talk at “The Universal Christ” conference, Albuquerque NM, March 2019
2. St. Gregory, on prayer, from “The word is Very Near You” by Martin Smith: Cowley Publicatoins: 1989.
3. Unamuno. “San Miguel Buono, Martyr”. 1939.
4. James Taylor. “You can Close Your Eyes.” 1971.


“Light” a sermon for Easter, Rev. Dr. Rebecca Pugh
Photograph by Don Paquin, Easter Sunday 2017
1. Bob Oakes, “Morning Edition”, interview with Daniel Romanchuk, April 16, 2019.
2. John Dominic Crossan, lecture, “The Universal Christ”, hosted by Richard Rohr, Albuquerque New Mexico, March 30, 2019.


Treasure – led by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Pugh on January 27, 2019

1. The notes on the ship Ada K. Damon, built in 1875 in Essex and wrecked in 1909 in Ipswich, come first from Gordon Harris’ excellent article “The Wreck of the Ada K.Damon” on the Historic Ipswich website. The wind measured 72 miles per hour on the night of the terrible storm. 
2. The notes about coal replacing the wind-filled sail, to the wreck of the ship, come from Dan MacAlpine’s “Ipswich Wreck: An Information Treasure Trove”, in the “Ipswich Chronicle”, July 22, 2015.
3. The song comes through the Folk Tradition, taught by Audi Souza at the funeral of Bob Pigeon, originally from the poem “Crossing the Bar”, by Alfred Lord Tennyson


Found! – led by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Pugh on January 20, 2019
1. The Hebrew word for parable is the same word as for riddle: in Roman letters it is Mashal.
2. Krister Stendahl writes of this economy of extravagance in Roots of Violence, in his chapter on Salvation as Victory.
3. Tara Westover’s lovely new book Educated gives a vivid description of her search for safety and comfort.
4. “And We Like Sheep” is from Handel’s Messiah, and Handel loved the word painting in which the voices wander, lost, all over the hillside even as the sheep did.

Being present – led by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Pugh on July 29, 2018

1. Bill Powers: New Slow City (2014): Novato, California: New World Library.
2. Richard Rohr: Father Richard’s Daily Meditations. Tuesday, July 24, Real Presence. Https://
3. All About The Piping Plover has 8,400 breeding individuals. Retrieved July 28, 2018.

Sin – led by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Pugh  on July 22, 2018

Youth Sunday – a sermon led by our Youth Voices

Families – led by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Pugh on June 24, 2018

Strong Souls – led by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Pugh on June 17, 2018

Power – led by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Pugh on June 3, 2018

Suffering – led by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Pugh on May 27, 2018

Notes from Standing Rock – led by Ali McCormack

Up – a sermon about renewal led by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Pugh on March 11, 2018

The Work goes on – An Easter Sermon, led by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Pugh on April 1, 2018

Unity – led by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Pugh on April 8, 2018

Damascus -God takes our bad habits, led by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Pugh on April 29, 2018

Fences and Walls:
Scripture, from John’s gospel, in the bulletin
“He left Judea and started back to Gallee, but he had to go through Samaria…” -John 4:3



“He was in the wilderness 40 days, tempted by Satan, and he was with the wild beasts; and the angels waited on him.” Mark 2: 12-13