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Christmas Letter 2017

Dear kind First Church members and friends:

The season of Advent is all around us; we are awash with candle making and greens, multi generational worship, meals and carols prepared for the Dinner Bell, a cookie walk, and an Advent festival. As well as enjoying all of this, I am choosing quotes to pray with for the season. My favorite is

O Lord, and teach me your paths. Lead me in your truth, and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all day long.—Psalm 25:4. 

 This idea of waiting all day long for the Lord is something that the carols plea for: “O Come Emanuel; ransom captive Israel”. Indeed,, the psalms are full of it: we may be rushing, bothered by many things, hassled with the news and the day, but the heavens calls us to find calm as we wait. This is complicated. We don’t know how, exactly, to let go of our concerns, and yet there is a peace which passes all understanding, just standing waiting for us. It comes from certain, concentrated letting go; turning to a different route from most of the rest of the community: allowing the season, with all its quiet, all its painful watching, all its awareness of the suffering of each other, to take root in us.  I believe when we can do this, that we can truly wait for the coming of Christ, who, as the angels say, will save us from our sins.

We have many things at church for you to come to, to join us in the waiting: suppers and worship and workshops and songs. I will include a summary here.

  • Sunday, December 10     10 am worship, children’s music and theater workshop

11:30 am membership class

5 pm Advent festival for all ages, with crafts, foods, music, and a children’s recycled gift shopping room ($1.00 for everything)

  • Sunday December 17      10 am worship with a special song from the children

11:15 am cookie walk

  • Monday December 18     5 pm First Church serves supper at the Dinner Bell

5:15 pm Children and youth sing carols at the Dinner Bell

  • Sunday December 24      10 am worship and carol sing

4 pm children’s pageant

7 pm prelude for the 7:30 candlelight service

I have enclosed the Advent envelope, in the event that you can make a special offering to the church. It comes in especially handy during the holidays, when we are doing special outreach for justice, inviting extra musicians to come, and getting ready to pay our first snow plow bill. We welcome your participation, in offering, in worship, in service, in waiting. And if you can’t come to church, but would like a visit, please drop a call to our wonderful new secretary, Carmen, who is here every day in the mornings.

In faith, Rebecca

We don’t like to wait for anything, really. But the universe is asking us to wait.

church pic form the south